Custom Cube Content for No Kid Hungry


For a limited time (and in honor of my birthday) I'm happy to offer one-off digital content of custom cubes, with a portion of the proceeds going to No Kid Hungry. Without any events these days, my freezers are sitting pretty empty, so I want to put them to good use! Plus, the small batch size will allow me to be quite detail oriented and make cubes that might not be possible to make in larger batches.

Here's how it works:
- Once purchased, please send a transparent PNG of your logo (or several options for me to choose from) to along with a link to your social page for reference.
- I'll look at your brand and do my best to accommodate any color requests, and aim to match your brand's content style as much as possible.
- If any design tweaks need to be made to your logo, I will do that on my end before cutting the logos.
- Each week I'll be doing 1 run of cubes (the process takes 3 days).
- I'll make 4 cubes for yout design, then shoot the best of the bunch.
- Once edited, I'll email you the content, ready for you to share. The minimum I'll send is 1 video and 1 photo, but may send a small folder of selects if the inspiration strikes!

The fine print:
Ultimately, there are reasons some things work and some things don't work when freezing things into cubes. It's a complicated process, but trust that I do know what's best. For this reason, I cannot send approvals beforehand, do any re-shoots, or have any back and forth about the process, design, flowers, etc., but know that I will make the most beautiful cubes and content that I possibly can for you!